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Our efforts to promote physical literacy find us travelling the province in search of stories we can share. If your community is doing great things to get people moving, we’d love to hear from you.
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Winter Wellderness 2018

Winter Wellderness days are a collection of free events hosted throughout the province, providing access to equipment and space for outdoor adventure. Admittance to the parks as well as use of equipment, like skates, sleds and snowshoes, is


Preparing New Brunswick for Movement!

On December 1, 2018 NB Physical Literacy partnered with Sport for Life, a national non-profit leading training, resource development and research surrounding athlete development and physical literacy in Canada and extending throughout the w


Get Active at Your Library!

The building is a hive of activity on this wintry day. A local Zumba instructor is teaching a class in one of the meeting rooms and the participants are sweating it out to upbeat music. In the Children’s department, the kids are playing a

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