The 2022 State of Sport Report Reveals That There Are Still Major Barriers to Sport

The COVID-19 pandemic deprived people of their right to participate in sports and recreation in unimaginable ways. Jumpstart has recently released its State of Sport Report for March 2022. There continue to be significant barriers to sport for Canadian youth, and the pandemic has left recreational sports organizations attempting to restore their funds.

Concerns about the impact on children and organizations are growing, and parents have expressed concern about their kids’ deteriorating mental health. Organizations are concerned about their ability to rebuild, obtain the necessary assistance, and, ultimately, survive.

The report dives deeply into the critical need and outlines clear calls to action for stakeholders. Jumpstart believes that by collaborating with organizations, they will be able to break down barriers to sport and play.

Consider looking at the report to see how Jumpstart plans to achieve this goal and restore sport and recreation to their pre-pandemic state.

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