6 Ways Babies Develop Physical Literacy

Jim Grove highlights the significance of physical literacy development in your baby’s life. Physical literacy is the development of a wide range of fundamental movement abilities in your child that will promote an active lifestyle and all of the associated physical, cognitive, emotional, and social benefits that come with it. You may be wondering what this will include in the first year. In your baby’s first year, they will need to develop basic motor skills, such as crawling around and grasping objects.

Jim Grove lists six skills and tips to help promote long-term physical literacy. The six skills are:

1- Grasping

2- Rolling over

3- Sitting

4- Crawling

5- Cruising

6- Walking

It is critical to emphasize the significance of developing these fundamental movement skills within the first year of life. As a parent, you will be laying the groundwork for your baby’s future active lifestyle. The physical skills they learn later in life will be built on the basic motor skills they developed in the first year.

Take a look at the attached article to learn more about the importance and advice surrounding the six skills listed by Jim Grove.

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