Active and Accessible Summer Fun for Kids with Disabilities

**Article in English only**

Did you know that being physically and mentally active outside is beneficial to your health? Unfortunately, individuals with disabilities face numerous barriers to physical activity and finding appropriate activities for children with disabilities.

Lisa Thornbury describes some of the most common difficulties children with a disability encounter. Accessibility and safety, finding adaptive equipment, and financial barriers are all common obstacles. Lisa suggests a few ways to overcome these barriers so that parents and their children can enjoy an active and inclusive summer.

Inclusive Playgrounds: Although inclusive playgrounds are hard to find, and Canada desperately needs more, there are a few places to visit across the country. Lisa mentioned that Calgary was supposed to get ten new inclusive playgrounds by 2021. Jaycee Park in Mississauga, Ontario, and Westmont Inclusive Playground in Halifax, were also recommended.

Accessible Beaches: Finding wheelchair accessible beaches would alleviate some of the effort required to push a wheelchair through the sand. Beach access mats or walkways will allow families with mobility devices to enjoy the beach experience. If walkway access mats are unavailable, some beaches may provide beach-friendly wheelchairs or rent water wheelchairs.

Accessible trails: Flat, wide paths allow those who use mobility aids to safely enjoy a stroll or a roll in the fresh air.

Lisa also discussed things to do around the house, equipment, and finances. Do you want to learn more? Please follow the link!

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