10 creative ways to reinvent the classic game of tag

You’re sprinting as fast as you can when suddenly you are tagged. When you think of your childhood, one of the first games that may come to mind is the game of tag. This game is fantastic because it can be changed creatively by children and adults and requires little equipment and set-up. Tag is an excellent way to develop those essential fundamental movement skills in terms of physical literacy. It makes you run from the tagger, dodge getting tagged, and start and stop moving constantly.

Jamie Neefs describes ten creative ways to transform the classic game of tag to help ensure that your child remains engaged and has fun with the game. Among the ten inventive methods are:

–         Bandaid Tag

–         Hot Dog Tag

–         Dead Ant Tag

–         Link Tag

–         Octopus Tag

–         Soccer Ball Tag

–         Freeze Tag

–         Oonch Neech

–         Colour Tag

–         Animal Tag

Click on the link to learn more about each variation and see more details. Enjoy!

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