How to create a “movement room” in your home

A home is a place where kids feel comfortable moving. Where there are rooms and endless opportunities for your child to use their imagination; and create the perfect way to explore. We prefer to have our beds made and our couches mainly for sitting as parents. With that said, we do not have to take away the potential for our children to get moving or use their imagination. With a few supplies and your imagination, you can easily create a movement room. It is a place with few breakable items/hazards and where children can move freely.

Katharine Watts provides five steps to creating a moving room your kids will not be able to resist. Here are her steps:

Step 1: Clear a space

Step 2: Think about your child’s unique interests and abilities

Step 3: Create a landing

Step 4: Add props

Step 5: Have fun!

Follow the link provided to see all of these steps in greater detail. Enjoy your reading!

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