Ten Ways That Raising a Physically Literate Child is Similar to Raising a Reader

Richard Monette explains how helping your child become a better reader and someone who appreciates reading is akin to developing physical literacy and a love for being active. The following are Richard Monette’s ten ways that raising a physically literate child is similar to raising a reader:

  1. Make reading/physical literacy a family value
  2. Let them read what they enjoy/do physical activities they enjoy
  3. Be sure they are reading/playing at an appropriate level
  4. Don’t use reading/physical activity as a punishment
  5. Give books/equipment as a gift
  6. Let your kids see you read/be active for fun
  7. Don’t over-correct, don’t over-practice
  8. Point out words/physical activity everywhere
  9. Set aside time for kids to read/be active on their own
  10. Fun, fun, and more fun

Richard closes this piece by stating that not every child will grow up to be a voracious reader or a world-class athlete. However, both literacy and physical literacy are critical to children’s development. Most children are born with the potential to read and move well; however, like every skill, it must be learned and practiced regularly to become an acquired behavior. Richard Monette explains that the secret ingredient to learning new skills are enjoyment and fun.

Take a look at the linked article to discover how raising a physically literate child is similar to raising a reader.

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